OmniAccess ESR Rugged Routers

Intelligent industrial-grade routers that deliver secure and reliable broadband IP connectivity to vehicles, as well as SCADA telemetry and remote control networks

Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess 5725 Enterprise Services Routers (ESR) are highly intelligent industrial-grade routers that deliver secure and reliable broadband IP connectivity to vehicles, as well as SCADA telemetry and remote control networks. Their possible uses include vehicle connectivity, Smart Grid deployment, pipelines and other industrial environments.

Thanks to the integrated Ethernet switch, OmniAccess ESR routers are capable of serving a large number of intelligent electronic devices at the remote site without additional equipment.  They contain the full top-of-the-line routing and switching features of the rest of the OmniAccess ESR router line.

The router can guarantee optimum performance and maximum security in communications among multiple services in different IP networks. It multiplexes remote site communications using embedded cellular broadband or DSL links. Maximum reliability communication is guaranteed thanks to a full range of management, supervision and backup functions.

Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess ESR routers are equipped with the intelligence required for the efficient implementation of highly secured, scalable and permanently available communication services based on broadband links. Communications’ security is supported with state of the art low latency hardware encryption, and the most complete stack of VPN protocols and firewalling techniques.

Advanced routing functions and Quality of Service

  • Advanced routing features for complex networks, such as route balancing, routing protocols orientated to corporations, routing based on policies, etc
  • Border router for different dynamic routing domains
  • Multi-HSRP and Multi-VRRP for network resilience and load balancing applications
  • Link quality monitoring and routing policy based on link quality
  • Device redundancy functions in the local network
  • Advanced VLAN support integrated with routing between VLANs
  • Complete Quality of Service (QoS) schema with traffic flow classification
  • Bridging between switch ports, and VLANs routed towards the WAN


Secure Communications

  • Encryption processor incorporated; optimizes device performance in scenarios with IPSec tunnels
  • Fully parameterized IPSec Client/Server
  • Latest generation meshed topology VPN networks (Dynamic Multipoint VPN technology)
  • IP filtering, MAC filtering and the SPI firewall protect the router from DoS attacks


Mechanical and hardware design optimized for in-vehicle installation

  • Anti-shock and anti-vibration protection, and high temperature dissipation
  • Fed from the vehicle battery or industrial power source using robust connector
  • User-configurable power turn off delays for vehicle deployments
  • Optimized power consumption expands vehicle battery autonomy
  • Wall, ceiling, horizontal surface and DIN rail mounting options
  • Embedded advanced GPS, support for critical location-based applications


Efficient communications management

  • Powerful ESR command console, suitable for professionally managing the device
  • A Syslog client reports any events detected by the ESR Events Logging System
  • SNMPv3 agent provides the ability to send traps and read MIB2 and Private-MIB
  • Network clock synchronization (NTP Client)
  • Intuitive and efficient management of OmniAccess 5720 ESR routers through the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise network management platform
  • Telnet, SSH2, FTP, TFTP and RADIUS Client
  • Rugged designs provide protection against extreme temperatures, vibrations, over-voltages, and electromagnetic interference.
  • Complete suite of IP networking protocols, security VPN and firewall features, professional router management tools, etc.
  • Top-grade management. The SNMPv3 agent allows easy integration with network management platforms.
  • 4 or 6 port Ethernet switch (10/100M) (depending on model)
  • Embedded WLAN IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n interface (MIMO, double port for external WiFi antennas), with professional security (IEEE 802.11i) (on selected models).
  • Wide array of variants with additional interfaces to select from, including cellular (LTE), VDSL, GPS, and a serial port (asynchronous).
  • Powered from batteries or industrial voltage ranges (depending on model).
  • Hardware encryption, optimizing transmission of encrypted traffic.
  • WWAN+ proprietary optimization of network protocols for improved communication over cellular networks

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