Elevating consumer messaging to enterprise-grade

LeapXpert is a Federated Messaging Orchestration Platform. FMOP is an innovative concept, that elevates messaging between company employees and clients (individuals or B2C/B2B companies), to a formal business communication channel, similar to calling or emailing. 

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Single Instant Messaging Platform

We help you integrate all B2C messengers (e.g. WhatsApp/ WhatsApp Business/ WeChat) into our single, user-friendly platform, with compliance and data ownership between the business and clients.

    • Visibility on client communications
    • Data ownership
    • Compliance Control
    • Accountability
    • Improve Customer Service experience



Applications of LeapXpert

Inbond/ Outbound/ Multi-Platforms Conversation

Integration with Microsoft Teams

Multi-messenger platforms Integration

Remove adoption barriers via seamless integration with popular messaging platforms that clients are used to, including WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE and more. Enabling you to send a message on one platform and a recipient to receive it on another.

Data Ownership & Centralization

All data belongs to the company and stored locally so all information is retained in the event of an employee leaving the business.


All activities are recorded and stored, maintaining a digital audit and reporting trail for compliance purposes. Integrated compliance controls.


Apply your own company branding and easily integrate into your internal systems. Open architecture enables the development of further value-added

Security & Confidentiality

Get military grade encryption, device management with revocable keys, multi factor authentication and role based authorization. Verify sensitive transactions
using multi factor authorization, ensuring explicit intent by a client is recorded and information is available when needed.

Effectiveness & Productivity

Organize all communication channels with your client into one place. Not only limited to messaging, make voice and video calls as well as share documents and
multimedia files all on one platform.

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