Enabling enterprises to see, monitor and use conversations on consumer messaging applications

LeapXpert enables enterprises to embrace customer conversations on consumer messaging applications and integrate them with their business-critical applications. Its Federated Messaging Orchestration Platform (FMOP™) resolves the business and compliance challenges messaging applications use in business channels has created.

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Visible, centralized, secure, unified

LeapXpert’s Federated Messaging Orchestration Platform is a centralized, unified, secure platform. It enables enterprises to have conversations over consumer messaging applications like WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, WeChat, WeCom, LINE, Signal, Telegram and SMS. The single platform allows enterprises to have a centralized environment for employees while customers can interact over the messaging application of their choice. LeapXpert’s FMOP helps you proactively control and monitor conversations between employees over messaging applications. You can maintain your compliance, governance and privacy requirements while empowering your workforce and your customers.

o Visibility of all employee-to-client communications
o Data ownership
o Compliance Control
o Improve Customer Service experience
o Single, centralized, secure platform
o One application for unified messaging


Applications of LeapXpert

• Manage conversations inbound and outbound across multiple messaging applications from one centralized platform
• Integrate with your business-critical applications
• Bring all your communications together – integration with Microsoft Teams brings your external and internal communications into one place
• Proactively set rules, processes and alerts to manage what information is sent by your employees to your customers – manage, control and audit your regulatory and governance requirements

Multi-messenger platforms Integration

Remove adoption barriers. Seamlessly communicate with clients over the popular messaging platforms that they are used to, including WhatsApp, WeChat, Signal, Telegram, LINE and more. Enable your employees to send messages from one centralized platform regardless of the messaging application the client prefers.

Data Ownership & Centralization

Conversations and data are centrally recorded for monitoring, auditing and even CRM or analytics. Data is no longer stored on individual employee phones, so information is controlled and retained in the event an employee leaves the business.


All communications are recorded and stored, maintaining a digital audit and reporting trail for compliance purposes. Proactively set controls and rules on what information can be shared by whom.

Customization and Branding

Deliver a branded experience with customers seeing your branding. Integrate your messaging conversations into your internal systems. LeapXpert’s FMOP’s open architecture enables integration with business-critical applications the development of further value-added functionalities.

Security & Confidentiality

Ensure conversations between your employees and customers are kept secure. Manage employee access, role-based authorisations, multi-factor authentication to maintain control, visibility and accountability.

Effectiveness & Productivity

Centralize all messaging applications for clients into one platform. No need to switch applications to talk to your clients. Message, share documents and multimedia files, make voice and video calls across multiple messaging applications from within one environment


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