Personal Webcam

RXVCam10 Personal Webcam 400x300

A personal webcam with exceptional image clarity ideally suited for collaboration in today’s workplaces.


    • Supports 1080p Full HD video at 30fps
    • ePTZ and 3x digital zoom
    • USB 2.0 port offers for plug-and-play setup
    • Compatible with all UC platforms, apps and softphones
    • Straightforward to mount and set to the desired angle

The AudioCodes RXVCam10 is a personal webcam ideally suited to today’s dynamic and collaborative workplaces. Its real-time video brings meetings to life, ensuring that every participant can see and be seen with outstanding clarity. The RXVCam10 perfectly complements the uncompromising quality assured by AudioCodes’ unified communications (UC) solutions, ensuring seamless integration into the One Voice portfolio.

The AudioCodes RXVCam10 enables high-quality video through any computer. It supports 1080p Full HD real-time video through a 2 megapixel CMOS sensor for exceptionally sharp images in any situation, from direct sunlight to low light levels. Its 3x digital magnification function provides a completely adjustable field of view.

The RXVCam10 is certified for use with Microsoft Teams, and is compatible with all unified communication platforms including Zoom. No matter where workers are physically located, the RXVCam10 is super-quick to install via USB and to mount easily and securely on your monitor or laptop.

    • Exceptional clarity for productive workplace collaboration
    • Works in all lighting conditions, from direct sunlight to low light
    • Seamless integration with AudioCodes’ UC portfolio
    • Lightweight and easy to carry for remote and office workers

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