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The flagship keyboard offers uncompromising functionality, enhances data security and provides ergonomic comfort.

The flagship WEY SMARTtouch keyboard offers uncompromising functionality, enhances data security and provides ergonomic comfort.

Access multiple workstations without performance loss using a single keyboard and mouse. Directly control monitors with a single push of a button. Use the touch-screen LCD display to simultaneously stream and view multiple videos and TV channels or execute complex application inputs.

The keyboard is characterised by its adaptability. All platforms are supported and customised accessories ensure the optimal management of your business processes.

The WEY SMARTtouch provides the ideal user interface for the WEY Distribution Platform so that users can access, control and share a virtually unlimited number of workstations and screens.

• Touch-sensitive 10.1″ LCD colour display (1280×800) with video inputs
• Direct intuitive control of up to 16 PCs, or even more with the WEY Distribution Platform
• Cost-efficiency and security due to multiple user access to sources
• Fully expandable functionality with programmable function keys and custom keypads
• High flexibility due to multiple interfaces (serial, USB, audio, etc.)
• Integrate a variety of external devices
• Supports WEY Ethernet protocol including video streaming
• Access workstations at multiple locations
• Expandable interactivity with optional software modules
• Exchangeable snap-in personal keypanel unit to enable hygienic workplace sharing
• Green IT solution with built-in brightness and movement sensors
• Keyboard configuration backup
• Password security

Connectors - Smart Touch Keyboard1x Gigabit Ethernet with PoE+
x MiniDin Power 12V Connector
2x USB A - Local Device
1x USB A - Remote Device
1x Mini USB - Service
1x 3.5mm Jack Audio - Headphone
1x 3.5mm Jack Audio - Microphone
Connectors - Smart Connector2x Gigabit Ethernet
2x Mini USB - Keyboard/Mouse
1x Mini USB - Service
4x 3.5mm Jack Audio Line In
1x RJ12 RS232
Power ConsumptionTypically 8.5 W

USB Deskswitch II 1:4

TwP Switch Matrix 32 Port

WEY Distribution Platform


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