Adaptive Media Platform

A fully-distributed and patented Private Peer to Peer (PP2P) architecture that delivers reliability, security with easy implementation, at a low cost

Adaptive Media Platform (AMP) represents  major change in the way business critical voice solutions will be purchased, configured and implemented. The AMP allows the customer to implement and manage Trading Turrets more quickly, more cost effectively and more reliably than ever before and provides easy management of voice from any point on a network. Linking easily to any type of gateway the AMP uses patented enepath software, in a standards-based SIP environment and provides a powerful framework to add applications and integration to other solutions.


Maximum reliability, flexibility & capability, all delivered with the minimum of Trader effort. Speakers and recording included as standard, applications, call information and call history at the touch of a button, collaboration at any position all delivered in a solution that increases ROI to every Trader.


The latest Turret from enepath – thin, light, powerful. All the functionality and usability one expects of a Turret, but with mobility and a business continuity option better than anything else in the market.

Incredible clarity of screen, audible key-click, software that works the way a Trader works

The best of both worlds. Keys where Traders like them – on the dial pad, on fixed function keys, with a Touch Screen to make keys flexible and dynamic – moving between them is simple and intuitive.

Ultimately scalable. Unique linear cost model. Good for all users.
The AMP can work at any size of installation and works within a with a unique linear cost model. It is more reliable and more redundant than any system in the market today, using patented Private Peer to Peer (PP2P) network topology. The AMP aims at two groups – The Trader – to make their job easier and more intuitive and the IT manager – to make system planning easier and to give better tools to deliver and manage. The AMP delivers levels of security down to the individual call and we ensure that everything is fully recoded, is searchable and is easy to deliver full compliance.


Fully Distributed. System Intelligence. Ultimate reliability.
The architecture of the AMP is that of a PP2P network (Private Peer to Peer). The fully distributed nature of the AMP increases both reliability and robustness in any implementation. We fully distributed the system intelligence to get the speed and local processing power we wanted – but we made it work together as one, so that as you grow a system, you get the combined power of each and every part of that system. This means that there are multiple call paths, all backing up each other in way that ensures reliability and inherent redundancy not available elsewhere, with other de-centralized or federated architectures.


Easy to implement. Easier to manage. Everything included.
The AMP works on Enterprise or other private networks, with minimal bandwidth. All of the messages in the system are authenticated /encrypted using PKI technology. The system connects itself and resources are minimized The recording of voice is included as standard and a customer can buy and deploy quickly on a global basis. This means that one also can get a BCP solution out of the box. Great for customers with disparate offices, and more cost-effective.


On-site, Hosted, Cloud. Radical reduction in TCO.
The fact that enepath delivers all the things a customer needs will not only reduce effort to configure, but will also save money. enepath believe that the AMP is able to be deployed at approximately 60% of that which the market has come to expect. We have also ensured that the AMP can be delivered on site, hosted or as a cloud delivery option.

  • Thin system: OTS components – low power usage , cost effective
  • Every position has its own capacity: automatic backup-no single point of failure – cost effectively
  • Negates network based recording issues: guarantees network-aware capture, saving time and money
  • Fully native SIP based: standard i/f for wide SIP connectivity across enterprise
  • System is intelligent and adaptive: adapts to conditions – guarantees call quality & uptime
  • Recording grows as system grows: no license or compatibility issues due to expansion
  • System grows linearly: no $$ wasted with overcapacity or over purchasing
  • Automatic Line Sharing/Line Availability: every Trader access to any or all lines on the system
  • Playback included as standard: no need for complex , expensive , third-party software
  • No central equipment: the customer is able to plan and deploy quickly and easily
  • Recording included as standard: captured at Turret, then to central server and/or off to SAN
  • Automatic link to deal-capture apps: unique ID available to search and export to other apps

Physical Implementation

Virtual Implementation

Tablet Turret

Touch Turret


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