Robotic Process Automation

Automation for the People. Free you employees from mundane tasks.

Robotic process automation (RPA) automates manual desktop tasks that are highly structured, routine and rules- schedule- or event-driven, requiring little (if any) analysis or subjective judgement.

The average back office employee, for example, spends 80% of their day on such activities, like filling in forms, making repetitive calculations or processing orders. These tasks may be critical for supporting customers, but for your employees they are tedious motivation-killers. They are also notoriously error prone and time consuming.

RPA allows you to hand these processes off to a robotic workforce that is fast, perfectly accurate, tireless, and easily scalable. With NICE Robotic Automation, you can relieve employees of tasks that require no human intervention (“unattended”) and partially automate those that do (“attended”).

Your employees are free to focus on high-value activities, while the software robots optimize your business processes.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

When customer service personnel can focus on customers and service, rather than forms and tabulations, the natural result is improved customer experience and 100% success in meeting service-level agreement requirements.

Improved Productivity

Software robots complete routine tasks about 5 times faster than people – and they work 24/7 – so your team can handle unstructured, customer-focused and problem-solving activities. This increases employee engagement and efficiency, dramatically improving productivity.

Increased Accuracy

You can be confident of 100% accuracy, 100% consistency and 100% policy compliance from RPA software, as your robots repeatedly and unflaggingly perform their tasks exactly as programmed. Clerical errors, as well as the time needed to correct them, are eliminated.

Better Resource Utilization

With RPA in place, your employees can focus on the tasks that add the most value to your business and are a far better use of their time. And when there is a spike or lull in demand, automation can be easily and rapidly scaled accordingly to ensure consistent service.

Rapid ROI

Almost immediately after your robot workforce is switched on, operating costs will see a significant reduction. NICE Robotic Automation also avoids unnecessary expenditures and ensures full coherence with in-house workflows, by leveraging your existing IT assets.

Continuous Improvement for Process Optimization

Optimizing your business processes is a continuous practice. There’re always more processes to optimize and improve. By identifying current process inefficiencies and handing them over to RPA, you can elevate your business to reach new efficiency levels and introduce an unsurpassed standard of service.

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