Nexidia Analytics

The best-in-class text and speech analysis. Analyzes your agents & customers’ interactions so your company can drive towards meaningful customer insights to more business opportunities.

Nexidia Analytics provides more than the missing piece of the puzzle – it assembles the puzzle, providing vital agent and customer behavioral data found in contact center interactions from sources including audio, chat, e-mail, SMS, surveys and social media. By placing all of these data sources in a single pane of glass, businesses can identify correlations, view trends, uncover root causes, build predictive models, and draw the conclusions that empower them to approach their customers in new and innovative ways.

Analysis and Reporting

  • Call Categorization identifies most relevant topics
  • First Contact Resolution (FCR) analysis targets common repeat interaction types and shows relationships between interactions
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) determines the reasons customers interact with the contact center, identifying agent behavioral and process issues
  • Advanced Reporting provides easy-to-read dashboards that highlight the relevant information needed to make decisions

Performance Management

  • User-defined quality initiatives track performance at site, team and agent levels based on goals and performance thresholds
  • Drill-down capabilities reveal relevant voice, text, chat, and email interactions immediately, without any search time
  • Create accurate performance metrics and track results by analyzing 100% of interactions

Scan and Agent Assist

  • Omitted phrase detection
  • Spoken phrase detection
  • Sentiment detection
  • Customized supervisor alerts and escalations

Multi-Channel Discovery

  • Create a word cloud that accounts for frequently-used phrases across multiple interaction channels—text, speech, and audio.
  • Each phrase is linked to a number of specific interactions containing that phrase.
  • Different data views can identify trending phrases, numbers of interactions containing specific phrases, and phrases that are similar to one another or used in the same context.

Multi-Channel Search

  • Find specific words or phrases across any and all interaction channels.
  • Advanced search uses operators (AND, OR, AND NOT, etc.) to enable users to drill down further. Each result can be linked to a specific interaction.

Multi-Channel Reports

  • Find out what users are calling, web chatting, and emailing about.
  • Obtain a holistic report that runs down the most frequently-discussed topics over all interactions across all channels.
  • Track customers who begin interactions over one channel and move to another – for example, support queries that start out over email and escalate to chat.

Advanced Multi-Channel Taxonomy of Topics

  • Place a number of specific behavioral events under an umbrella that represents a single business topic.
  • Track a large number of behavioral events with a glance.
  • Find out if customers are saying the same things across all channels.

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