Zoom BYOC – Bring Your Own Carrier to Zoom Phone

ESI professional services to simplify your Zoom Phone deployment globally. We offer a full range service from design, consultation, selling, implementation , project management and maintenance services for customers.

Our certified experts provide on-site and maintenance to ensure business continuity.

Zoom’s BYOC feature, enterprise customers have the flexibility to keep their current PSTN service providers,  through ESIGo connectivity service redirecting existing voice circuits to the Zoom Phone cloud.

This unique capability allows customers to enjoy all of the benefits and features of Zoom Phone while keeping their existing  service provider contracts, phone numbers, and calling rates with their preferred carrier of record.

ESI providing a clear and manageable migration path from an organization’s legacy on-premise PBX to a cloud solution,

ESI – ZoomBYOC route can:

  • Power the Zoom Phone cloud PBX with phone numbers and local PSTN access in virtually any country.
  • Consolidate distributed branch offices and users into a single cloud PBX account for improved manageability.
  • Maintain existing PSTN service provider contracts and avoid early-termination fees.
  • Minimize toll charges by keeping previously negotiated per-minute calling rates.
  • Avoid number porting and keep phone numbers with the incumbent carrier.
  • Streamlined end-user experience with a single Zoom app for video and voice communications

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