Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone – Cloud VoIP Phone Services

Zoom Phone is a feature-rich cloud phone system for businesses of all sizes.

  • Seamlessly make and receive phone calls
  • Share content and participate in video meetings
  • Direct and team messaging
  • Easily elevate phone calls to a Zoom Meeting
  • Innovative for your evolving needs Get Meetings, VoIP Phone, and Chat together on any device
  • Zoom Phone has a track record of rapid innovation. hard phone and softphone systems capitalize on the established global infrastructure and audio quality of Zoom.
  • With hundreds of features, and more added every month, you can count on Zoom Phone to meet your business requirements.
  • Zoom Phone tightly integrates with top business applications, contact center partners, and hardware providers to ensure communications can occur in context.
  • Leverage Zoom Phone’s robust set of APIs to create customized business solutions that let you make and receive phone calls right within you
  • Zoom Mobile and Desktop App

    –  A single, unified platform for video, phone, meetings, and chat on Windows, Apple MacOS, Apple iOS and Google Android devices

    Business Application Integration

    –  Natively integrate a variety of business applications to enhance your employee and customer engagement experiences


    –  Voicemail transcription and notification allows you to easily manage voice messages from any device

    Call Recording

    –  On-demand and full time recording, transcriptions and playback allows you to easily archive and retrieve phone conversations

    Call Blocking

    –  End users can manage personal call blacks lists to automatically block unwanted calls

    Call Delegation

    –  Assign administrative assistants the privilege to make and receive calls on behalf of executives

    Elevate to Meeting

    – Seamlessly elevate a phone call to a full feature Zoom Meeting without requiring participants to manually join

    Listen (Monitor)

    –  Allows a user to silently monitor a call, such as an assistant taking notes for an executive


    –  A supervisor who is monitoring can enter the call, and the 3 parties can continue the conversation


    –  A supervisor who is monitoring can enter the call and take over the conversation

    Call Park

    –  Place a call in park and retrieve it from another Zoom Phone endpoint


    – See when a contact is available before calling or transferring a call to them


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