LetEatGo 2017 – City Orienteering Programe

ESI is pleased to participate in “Let Eat Go” City Orienteering Program, organized by PFB. This fundraising program aims to give participants an opportunity to feel and learn about Grassroots’ lives in Sham Shui Po, and to support hot meal services for the deprived groups of the public with their compassion.

Participants are required to plan their own route leading to a number of “Check Points” where they will scan QR Codes with their mobile devices to obtain information for completing checkpoint missions. Scores of each check point varies, depending on the distance of the checkpoint and difficulty of the missions. Any team, individual or family group which gets the highest score wins, whilst in the case of equal scores, the ones finished earliest wins. To win extra scores, participants are encouraged to bring food (canned food, oatmeal or rice) and carry them through their journey, after which the food will be distributed among the needy by PFB.

Event Highlights


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