Avaya Vantage K175

Multimedia communication on a bright, crystal-clear display. Built for simple, instant engagement – great for open offices.

Avaya Vantage™ is a dedicated desktop device that provides simple, instant, seamless & natural Engagement. Users can fire up voice, chat,collaboration instantly through one touch connections with no unnatural breaks or pauses—eliminating the need to manage multiple devices in order to engage.

Avaya Vantage™ is the industry’s only customizable desktop device that gives you the advantages of a deskphone and the flexibility of an application platform. It is modern, connected, and personalized.

Put your applications on this eye-catching, friendly device. It is perfect for use on desktops, in hotel rooms, healthcare facilities, kiosks—when users would like a SIP phone supporting video or users that need to run customized applications. It is a perfect blend of desktop phone and a smart mobile device, completely transforming your desktop experience. Open integration and extensibility with the Avaya Breeze™ Client SDK means it’s easy to personalize Avaya Vantage™ for your industry, business, and users.

Enable unique custom experiencesi that mesh into your workflows and business processes using this powerful, customizable device—and enjoy the advantages of a deskphone and flexibility of an application platform

  • Simplified customization and integrations for developers through Avaya Breeze™ SDKs and APIs, Snap-ins and Google Play™ apps to right-fit and easily customize for unique and various user tasks and seamless integration into workflows.
  • Provides natural engagement: In sync with the present day multi-channel communication needs, eliminating the need to own multiple devices that give rise to communications silos.
  • Ease of use: Provides simplified user interface on large touch screen displays
    and eliminates unnatural workflows or pauses during communications.

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