A professional headset that eliminates noise and helps you focus

The Jabra Evolve series is a professional range of headsets designed to improve concentration and conversations. Premium noise cancellation technology gives you peace to work in a noisy, open office; effectively creating a concentration zone around you so you can stay focused.


It designed to improve concentration and conversations. When combined with active noise-cancelling technology, you get maximum protection against office noise. The concentration zone is completed with a busy light indicator that signals user availability to colleagues.

  • ƒƒPremium sound experience with Listen-in feature
  • ƒƒActive noise cancellation technology and large around-the-ear cups designed to reduce unwanted noise.
  • Connect your headset to your PC, smartphone and tablet easily with ƒƒUSB adapter with 3.5mm jack
  • ƒƒBusy light signals user availability
  • Microphone boom arm can be integrated into the headband when not on a call or simply listening to music
  • ƒƒLeatherette ear cushions and Soft pouch included

Active noise cancellation & Passive noise cancellation
Active noise cancellation eliminates unwanted low frequency background noise in an office environment, giving you the peace you need to work and effectively creating a concentration zone around you so you can stay focused.
Passive noise cancellation gives you protection from high frequency noise such as human voices just by wearing the headset due to specially designed speaker cushions.

Listen-in function allows you to clearly hear your surroundingswhile wearing the headset at the touch of a button; deactivate the Listen-in feature and you can maximize your concentration zone.

Made for voice and music
Truly made for both voice and music with world-class microphone and speakers
so you are free to choose if you want to be in your own concentration zone or
actively participate in voice-based collaboration.

Works with all mobile devices
Easy connectivity to your favorite personal smart device 3.5mm jack gives you total flexibility to connect your corded headset to a PC, smartphone, tablet or favorite personal communication device.

Discreet boom arm
Discreet boom arm can be seamlessly integrated into the headband when not on a call or when on the go

Busy light
The Jabra busy light helps you to cope with the challenges of an open office environment and let people clearly know that you are on the phone.

ConnectivitySoftphone, Mobile phone, Tablet

Connected via USB
With 3.5 mm Jack
Digital Signal ProcessingYes
USB ChargingYes
Remote Call ControlYes
Wearing StyleHeadband
SpeakersFrequency Response: Hifi | Wideband
Noise Protection: PeakStop™
Ear Cushion TypeLarge leatherette ear cushions
CertificationCertified by Avaya
Certified by Microsoft




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