Express Call Router

A powerful solution for co-existing Skype for Business and PABX.

Developed by ESi, Express Call Router can integration Skype for Business and your existing PBX such as Avaya CM/IPO or Cisco CM. The co-existing environment leverages direct SIP or TDM connectivity and keeps user experience and connection features between PABX and Skype for Business. Phase-to-phase migration is allowed for simplified engineering tasks.

Voicemail ServerIP-Phone ProvisioningAccount code
• Non-Exchanger user • Analog phone user • Voicemail to Email (SMTP)• Provisioning IP-Phone Firmware • Provisioning configuration file • Web/TFTP based• IDD outbound call protection • 3 time retry • Reject greeting
Call Detail ReporterIVR (hotline service 4port)SBC/TDM Call Routing
• Web-based Call Report • Email Report • IDD call charge counting • Bad call tracing • Date/Time/Call Duration• Day/Night Mode • Auto Attended • Extension transfer • Customized Greetings • Auto Office/non-office hour call flow • Emergency call flow • Remote Call Flow switching (web based)• Multi-type call routing • Multi-band PBX/SIP trunk provider • Call Control Hub • On-premise routing control • 1 dial-plan in O365 for multi-region call routing • Number/Call ID modify • SIP format conversion • Transcoding

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