Solution by Room Type

In today’s hybrid workplace, huddle rooms are essential. These compact spaces, equipped with unified communications platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, facilitate seamless collaboration between onsite and remote employees.

Huddle rooms offer multiple benefits, enhancing productivity, communication, and engagement, while minimizing costs and environmental impact. They represent the future of hybrid work, providing a collaborative environment that empowers teams to work efficiently from anywhere


Streamlined Audio and Video Solutions for Huddle Rooms

Optimized Performance

Huddle rooms, catering to 4 to 6 participants seated around a small- to medium-sized table, have surged in popularity amid the hybrid work era, emerging as a staple in modern workplaces. Typically, a single device positioned at the room’s edge suffices to effectively cover the entire area.

    • Modular Video Conferencing System

    • Room Control System

    • Wired & Wireless Microphone System

    • Comprehensive Loudspeaker

    • Interactive Presentation Display


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