IoT (Internet of Things)

Empower Smart Office with Crestron MQTT Open API

IoT in the Smart Office, connecting to different type of devices, can improve the efficiency of employees, for gaining sustainability, and for completing complex tasks in the easiest way possible with Crestron development.

  • Hot Desk Booking
  • Conferencing Room Booking System
  • IoT Central Control
  • Room Central Control
  • Facility Central Control
  • Support QR Code

Energy savings – Whenever sensors detect that there is no one in the room, the lightening, cold and heat system will turn off automatically in order to save energy.

Better employee productivity – As a result of increased comfort, employees will be more productive at work.

Comfortable working environment – Having control over the temperature or humidity in the workplace directly from a smartphone enables your employees to tailor the office conditions to their preferences.


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