Solution by Room Type

Optimizing large meeting rooms in the hybrid workplace necessitates video collaboration solutions compatible with platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Key considerations include audio clarity and user-friendliness.

An ideal solution integrates a speakerphone for clear sound dispersion, a microphone array for capturing voices across distances, and a smart camera for automatic speaker focus. A simplified interface streamlines meeting initiation, participation, and management.

These features enable efficient hybrid meetings, fostering improved communication and collaboration among participants in large meeting spaces.

Large Meeting Room2

Complete Audio & Video Solutions for Superior Hybrid Work

Empowering Every Voice with Immersive Sound

Large meeting rooms, accommodating up to 20 participants, often feature a conventional layout with a central rectangular table. Achieving optimal audio coverage involves positioning two compact satellite microphones on the table and placing a sizable speaker near the TV, ensuring wide voice pickup range while maintaining a cable-free environment.

    • Modular Video Conferencing System

    • Room Control System

    • Wired & Wireless Ceiling Microphone System

    • LCD/ LED Display/ Display Wall

    • Comprehensive Loudspeakers

    • Interactive Presentation Display


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