SBC and Media Gateway: Mediant 800B

A complete connectivity solution for small-to-medium sized enterprises, supporting up to 60 voice channels in a 1U platform

The AudioCodes Mediant 800 Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC) and Media Gateway offers a complete connectivity solution for small-to-medium sized enterprises. Supporting up to 60 voice channels in a 1U platform, the Mediant 800 provides versatile connectivity between TDM and VoIP networks.

The Mediant 800 connects IP-PBXs to any SIP trunking service provider, scaling to 250 concurrent sessions. It offers superior performance in connecting any SIP to SIP environment, legacy TDM-based PBX systems to IP networks, and IP-PBXs to the PSTN.

  • Rich and powerful SIP normalization and routing mechanism for seamless interoperability
  • Support for analog and digital TDM interfaces
  • Hybrid SBC enables seamless migration and PSTN fallback
  • Enhanced perimeter defense against DoS attacks
  • Advanced monitoring tools help analyze and optimize VoIP service quality-of-experience
  • Embedded DSP performs media handling (codec transcoding, DTMF, fax, call progress announcements, etc.)
  • High Availability using two box redundancy
  • Improves communication, boosting employee productivity and customer interaction by delivering a comprehensive set of telephony services to all staff members at all locations
  • Improves collaboration with strong integration with OpenTouch™ multi-party, multimedia and multi-device conversation services
  • Optimizes operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and safety and security through a large ecosystem of applications in hospitality, healthcare, education, transportation, energy, finance and banking, customer service, state and local government
  • Increases business continuity thanks to a robust telephony infrastructure deployed in hundreds of thousands of enterprises including extra-large global companies
  • Lowers telecom billswith embedded least cost routing, native VoIP over Wide Area Networks and centralized off-net digital and SIP trunks
  • Lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) through highly scalable software enabling centralized and virtualized deployments that reduce operational costs and improve IT agility
  • Protects IT investment with advanced features enabled for medium- and large-sized companies, without needing dedicated, high-level technical resources and
Max. SBC Sessions250
Max. IP-to-IP Transcoding Sessions45 sessions
Max. Registered Users800
Max. Voice Interfaces60 - supporting a mix of E1/T1/J1 trunks, BRI, and analog interfaces:
- Up to 2 E1/T1/J1 trunks
- Up to 8 BRI interfaces
- Up to 12 analog interfaces (FXS/FXO)
Server Platform (Optional)Embedded Intel-based Server platform for third-party services
SIP Stand-Alone Survivability (SAS)Up to 800 users
Cloud Resiliency Package (CRP)Up to 800 users
LAN InterfacesIBS, Echo-Cancellation (EC), Caller-ID (CID), Silence-Compression (SC), Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and Answer Detector (AD), RTCP XR, T.38, G.711, G.726, G.729, G.723.1, G.722, AMR, AMR-WB, SILK, SILK-WB, V.150.1
Physical dimensions(H) 1U, (W) 345 mm, (D) 320 mm

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