Wireless LAN

OmniAccess Stellar

A multifunctional entry-level access point for medium density and small businesses.

OmniAccess Stellar AP1101
  • OmniAccess Stellar AP1101 indoor Wi-Fi access points provide high throughput wireless connectivity, seamless user experience and simplified management required by small enterprise WLAN deployment. Featuring enhanced RF Radio Dynamic Adjustment™ (RDA) technology, AP-Group architecture design and user-role based management, OmniAccess Stellar AP1101 delivers plug-and-play WLAN deployment ideal for any small and medium business.
  • OmniAccess Stellar AP1101 is a dual-radio, 5 GHz 802.11ac and 2.4 GHz 802.11n 2×2 MIMO, indoor wireless access point. Powered by multi-core CPU processor, the OmniAccess Stellar AP1101 has fast encoding and decoding capability and provides reliable multiuser access. It supports up to 1.2Gbps wireless data rate and up to 64 simultaneous clients association.
  • Seamless roaming and Quality of Service for real-time applications
  • VoWLAN support with QoS for each application (Voice, Video, Collaboration, etc..)
  • Integrated simple guest management
  • Built-in customizable captive portal
  • Support of role-based management access (Admin, Viewer and Guest Manager)
  • Enhanced RF technology – Radio Dynamic Adjustment with DFS/TPC to deliver reliable, high-performance WLAN access

Plug-and-play deployment

Part of a simple LAN+WLAN+UC turnkey solution designed specifically for SMB

High performance

Ability to-fine-tune quality of service (QoS) delivered to each application.


Competitively priced product with lifetime warranty gives peace of mind


Easy guest account creation and management with no need for IT skills


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