Wireless LAN

OmniAccess Stellar AP1331

A Wi-Fi 6 premium high-end AP for dense and high capacity needs of next generation mobility and IoT-enabled networks.

OmniAccess Stellar AP1331
  • Next generation digital enterprise demands business agility, seamless mobility and secure IoT-enabled infrastructure to empower business transformation through continuous innovation.
  • The OmniAccess Stellar AP1331 architecture addresses the demands of next generation digital enterprises by delivering a visionary, distributed Wi-Fi architecture with centralized management and policy control. It enforces security at every step starting at the network edge.
  • Unparalleled experience for connectivity, coverage, and performance for the modern IoT connected enterprise.
  • Simplified IT operations – single software version for deployment of APs in three modes.
  • Provides enhanced security with WPA3, improving Wi-Fi security with 192-bit security suite.
  • Integrated Bluetooth/Zigbee enabling location and building automation services
  • Powered with four built-in radios, two radios 2.4Ghz/5Ghz band serving high density Wi-Fi clients
  • Deliver enterprise grade security and scale with simplicity
  • Security enforced at every step allowing unparalleled scale in network capacity.
  • Cloud enabled OmniVista Cirrus Network Management as a Service.
  • Powers a secure, resilient and scalable cloud-based network management platform
  • Hassle-free network deployment and easy service rollout with advanced analytics.
  • On-premises deployment with OmniVista 2500 Network Management System (NMS)
  • Simplified plug-and play deployment, zero-touch provisioning, and role-based management access
  • Built-in customizable captive portal.
  • Quality of service (QoS) for unified communication apps
  • Supports finely tuned, parameters to differentiate and provide appropriate QoS for each application
  • RF management
  • RDA technology automatically assigns channels (DFS) and power settings (TPC)
  • Ensures access points stay clear of all radio frequency interference (RFI) sources to deliver reliable, high-performance WLAN.

High Performance

Increased throughput in high density environments

Improved Network Security

Encrypted traffic and WPA3 ensure better privacy

Reliable Connectivity

Connectivity consistency and stability for much improved end-user experience.


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