Wireless LAN

OmniAccess WLAN Controllers

Controllers for all deployment sizes, enabling Wi-Fi connectivity via Access Points for small, mid and large enterprise, branch office and campus environments.

OmniAccess WLAN Controllers
  • These next-generation network controllers are optimized for mobile application delivery to give your users the best mobility experience over Wi-Fi. With models available supporting up to 32,000 concurrent devices and up to 40Gbps throughput, these controllers can handle the most demanding traffic and performance requirements.
  • Standard with every wireless LAN, OmniAccess base software enables advanced adaptive WLAN, identity-based security and application continuity services. The base feature set includes sophisticated authentication and encryption, seamless mobility with fast roaming, analysis tools, centralized configuration, location tracking and more, plus optional modules.
  • Guarantee Wi-Fi connectivity for thousands of devices on hundreds of Access Points
  • Deploy large networks using many controllers with minimal staff
  • Get enterprise-wide visibility and control through real-time monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Central WLAN control with one or more cooperating controllers
  • Supports 1000s of local Wireless Access Points, remote Wireless Access Points, remote VPN users
  • Integrated security with firewall, role-based access
  • Client Match technology and adaptive RF management
  • High capacity IEEE 802.11ac access points; cost-effective IEEE 802.11n access points
  • uPNP, DLNA, Airprint and Airplay support
  • Application awareness using Deep Packet Inspection which identifies 1500 applications

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