OmniPCX™ Enterprise Communication Server Purple (OXE Purple)

A flexible enterprise phone platform that delivers reliable, high quality digital age communications to grow your business.

In the digital age, companies want to improve their competitiveness, while offering employees the flexibility of hybrid work. Corporate communications are critical to working better together and improving customer service.

OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server Purple (OXE Purple) allows you to communicate with your teams and customers wherever you are. Every interaction can turn into a lasting relationship with OXE Purple by allowing communication from within your business applications.

Ensure your business continuity with the platform’s secure, high-availability technology. Plus, using a hybrid cloud, you can modernize your communications gradually.

Learn why you should migrate to OXE Purple. Download the Reasons to upgrade to Purple.

  • Communicate with your teams and customers wherever you are
  • Interact with your customers directly from your favorite business application
  • Ensure business continuity with our secure, high-availability architecture
  • Save money by adding communications to your private cloud with virtualization and high scalability to simplify maintenance for all sites
  • Communicate on-demand, with a 100% cloud offer from one of our OTEC partners
  • Efficient call management including group calls, line supervision and call filtering
  • Hybrid connectivity: IP, SIP, WLAN, IP-DECT, DECT, digital, analog
  • Hybrid cloud connectivity with Alcatel-Lucent Rainbowfor team collaboration and  video conferencing
  • Unique number between ALE business phonesALE mobile handsets, softphones (IP Desktop Softphoneand ALE SoftPhone) or Rainbow application to communicate anywhere
  • Integration into SaaS applications to bring voice and collaboration
  • Contact center with intelligent voice call routing and 360° view of omnichannel interactions with ALE Connect
  • Encryption of communications and hardened software against cyberattacks
  • High availability and scalability up to 15,000 users per instance
  • Virtualized multi-instance architecture for private cloud
  • Software update and monitoring from the cloud with ALE Cloud Connect
  • Tools for management with OmniVista 8770 NMS, automation, call routing and notification services


Ensure the continuity of business-critical communications such as hospitals, public bodies, contact centers, subways, airports, railway networks


Improve customer service with audio quality, intelligent call routing and management options


Transform your communications with hybrid cloud that combines on-premises connectivity options with openness to SaaS applications.

Quality business response

Zero calls are lost; connections are instantly made to the right people as employees have powerful communication tools at their fingertips.


Standardize the communication experience across your organization; employees can use desk phones, wireless handsets or softphones at the office, on site, at home or on the move.


Expect lower telecom bills with free Voice over IP (VoIP) across sites, built-in least-cost routing and centralized trunks to SIP and traditional service providers.


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