PowerMedia XMS

A highly scalable, software-only media server that enbles standard-based, real-time multimedia communications solutions for IMS, MRF, Enterprise and WebRTC applications on premise or in the cloud

Built on 15+ years of software media processing experience, PowerMedia XMS is trusted by world-class service providers and large enterprises to power millions of rich media sessions.

With an extensive list of successful implementations that include MRF for VoLTE, carrier hosted contact centers, enterprise communications, voice messaging and “mission critical” next-generation 911 services, PowerMedia XMS has proven to be a key building block to new and innovative applications. When deployed with the optional Dialogic PowerMedia™ Media Resource Broker (MRB), PowerMedia XMS scales to meet growing service-provider and business requirements.

  • Cloud/NFV-ready, virtualized media processing software
  • Production-ready media server, MRF, and MCU interfaces for web-oriented and traditional media applications
  • A full suite of media application capabilities with WebRTC support
  • Comprehensive audio, video, and contact center features
  • Reduced CAPEX from media network optimization
  • Reduced telecom application development time by leveraging proven MRF element and platform
  • Enhanced capabilities with broad video, audio, and WebRTC capabilities
  • Improved user experience by offloading difficult media handling functions to network

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