Pro 935 Dual Connectivity For MS

Jabra Pro 900 Series – the wireless headset series optimised for use with all leading deskphones and softphones, and certified for Microsoft Skype for Business.

The Jabra Pro 900 series is a professional wireless headset designed for maximum performance. Now everyone in your office can take advantage of the added productivity and comfort that wireless convenience delivers. Simple, intuitive and high quality, all in one wireless solution.

Simple, intuitive design for fast user adoption

The Jabra Pro 900 series is simple to set up and features intuitive call control functions for rapid user adoption. With its adjustable ringtone volume and five different selectable ringtones, the Jabra Pro 900 series makes it easy for users to know when it’s their phone ringing – and not their colleague’s – which is particularly important in large scale wireless deployments.

Improves employee productivity

The Jabra Pro 900 series puts the freedom and convenience of wireless communication in everyone’s reach. You can now walk and talk up to 120 meters/350 feet away from your desk for improved collaboration, multi-tasking, and productivity.

Easy to deploy and manage

The Jabra Pro 900 series is optimized for use with all leading desktop phone systems and Unified Communications platforms.

Future-proof investment – free software upgrades available

The Jabra Pro 900 series is 100% software based, allowing you to upgrade your headset without incurring additional costs. The solution comes with free software that allows you to interface with a range of softphone standards via the embedded drivers as well as update your Jabra headset solution with free Value Packs and Service Packs

User Safety & Crystal Clear Audio

For all its ease of use the Jabra Pro 900 series wireless headset is still all about audio quality and user safety. Features like Jabra’s SafeTone™ technology clips off loud sounds before they can damage users’ hearing and ensures workers are staying within safe average sound levels. All this with crystal clear audio, too.

Pro 920Pro 925Pro 930Pro 935
Work Place
At office deskYYYY
Around officeYYYY
Desk PhoneYY
Wireless Technology
Wearing Style
Earhook (Mono only)YYYY
Neckband (Mono only)YYYY
Talk Time8hrs12hrs8hrs12hrs
Range (m/ft)120/395100/330120/395100/330

Pro 920

Pro 925

Pro 300


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