RXVCam10 Bundles

RXVCam10 Bundles 400x300

Superb video and audio for productive meetings in smaller spaces at home or in the office.

Features Highlights:

    • Crystal-clear sound and exceptional image clarity for true collaboration from any small meeting space
    • Intuitive touch screen interfaces for a familiar Microsoft Teams experience
    • Very easy to set up and use in any environment
    • Supports two screens or devices for uninterrupted content sharing and calls

Whether you work from home or in focus rooms in the office, these easy-to-use speaker phone and camera bundles cover all your collaboration needs.

The RXVCam10 delivers crisp images in all lighting conditions, while the C470HD or C450HD’s main screen allows you to join a meeting, initiate a callback and retrieve voice mails with just one click. In addition, broad Office 365 capabilities further help to ensure the best possible meeting experience.

These bundles are able to work with two screens or devices: content sharing is possible via a laptop or PC, and a second screen or device allows video calls to continue uninterrupted at the same time.

RX Suite Focus Room Bundles

BundleRoom sizeVideoAudioProductivityManagement
RXVCam10-B15RXVCam10RXVCam10RX10Meeting InsightsOVOC
RXVCam10-B15Home | FocusRXVCam10C450HDMeeting InsightsOVOC
RXVCam10-B17Home | Focus | HuddleRXVCam10C470HDMeeting InsightsOVOC
    • C470HD Microsoft Teams-native IP phone
    • C450HD Microsoft Teams-native IP phone
    • RX10 portable speakerphone

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