Management Application: SEM (Session Experience Manager)

Session Experience Manager – Optimize Your Voice Quality

AudioCodes Session Experience Manager (SEM) is an intelligent analysis tool that quickly isolates and remediates real time problems over a VoIP eco system, comprised of Microsoft Lync and AudioCodes One Voice integrated solution. SEM provides end-to-end monitoring and troubleshooting for the entire Lync voice network. By leveraging SEM, IT managers and administrators of hosted and managed services can quickly identify, fix and prevent issues that can affect Lync users’ voice experience.

  • Graphical, real-time snapshot of your entire VoIP network’s quality, enabling you to identify quality issues
  • Intuitive, drill-down interface for quick identification of problems
  • End-to-end monitoring and troubleshooting for the entire Lync voice network
  • View all devices and the links between them in sorted lists with associated voice quality metrics, enabling accurate root cause analysis and effective troubleshooting
  • Users’ view measuring satisfaction from voice network performance
  • Available both as a hardware-based product or as software running on a VMWare Virtual platform
  • Available both as a hardware-based product or as software running on VMWare and HyperV Virtual platforms
  • SEM promptly detects and reports potential quality issues, preventing downtime and costly repairs
  • Valuable time-based statistics help plan network capacity
  • No additional network equipment (e.g. specialist probes) required
  • Provides SLA assurance for cloud-based and hosted communications service providers
  • Provides immediate root cause analysis of problems in real time, generating improved ROI from the VoIP network
Call rating measured metricsMean Opinion Score (MOS) (as specified by ITU-T recommendation P.800) Jitter Packet Loss Delay (or Latency) Echo
Call quality alertsThree sensitivity zones (green, yellow and red) configurable per media port group. Defaults available
Supported devices and serverAudioCodes SBCs, Media Gateways and Lync front-end devices, probe the network. No need for external dedicated probes.
Network topologyEntire network Selected devices Selected links Per time selection
Call detailsCall lists (per device/link) Extensive voice quality details
Call trend statisticsPerformance Call quality Utilization Graphical statistics of trends over time
AlarmsAlarms from devices, activated upon user-defined thresholds Active alarms History alarms Alarm details in both active and historical views Search entire alarm table for any data string
ReportsNetwork (per device/link) Trends Top Users
UsersConnection to the Active Directory End users’ satisfaction list End users’ satisfaction dashboard Contact end users directly from SEM
Supported platformsHP DL360p G8, VMware, Hyper-V
Supported Lync platformsLync 2013, Monitoring SQL DB, Active Directory (LDAP)

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