DW Office

A single-sided premium wireless DECT headset. Enjoy your calls in Sennheiser voice clarity and get natural high-definition sound for superior voice clarity. Work safely ensured that the ActiveGard® technology will protect your hearing.

Sennheiser Wireless Series

The way we communicate is changing: wireless connections to Skype for Business or desk phones have given users a new degree of mobility and the opportunity to perform their tasks more efficient. his new generation of professional users can now move freely around the office and building, while still being connected. This results in more collaboration, improved job satisfaction and increased productivity.

Choosing the Right DW Office

Dedicated to work with your desk phone and softphone.

Dedicated to work with your desk phone and softphone and certified for Skype for Business

Dedicated to work with your desk phone.

Dedicated to work with your softphone.

Dedicated to work with your softphone and optimized for Skype for Business

Noise-Cancelling Microphone

In a busy work environment, background noise can be a distraction – especially for your listener. The DW Office is equipped with noise-cancelling microphone which filters out background noise, so you and your listener can better concentrate on the conversation.

Intuitive User Interface: Ease-of-use with a personal touch

The DW Office is created with the user in focus and all features are intuitively designed to fit seamlessly into your daily workflow. Built-in call handling makes it simple to answer/end, mute or control volume while moving around the office, while features such as left/right wearing and name plate make it easy to personalize your headset.

The sound of quality

By delivering a warm and more natural sound, the Sennheiser voice clarity allows you to catch the tone of your callers’ voices. Now you can avoid misunderstandings – even in the noisiest of environments.

2-in-1 wearing style

Choose between ear hook or headband wearing style.

Full day talk time

8 hours in wideband and 12 hours in narrowband sound mode.


Sennheiser ActiveGard® technology protects users against acoustic injury caused by sudden sound burst on the line.

Sennheiser Voice Clarity

For a natural sound experience.

Fast charging

Re-charge 50% of the battery in 20 minutes.

Long distance wireless range

Walk and talk where you want with an extended wireless range. Experience quality sound on the move as you roam around the office. Wireless freedom extends your working range so you’re always in contact with your phone. In a typical office building DW Office gives you a radius of up to 55 m and up to 180 m in line of sight.

DW Office MLDW Pro 1 MLDW Pro 2 MLD 10 ML
Normal OfficeYYYY
Noisy OfficeY
Side StyleSingleSingleDoubleSingle
Wideband & narrowband audioYYYY
Ultra noise-cancelling microphoneYY
Noise-cancelling microphoneYY
Adjustable boom armYY
Connection to desk phone*Y*Y*Y**Y
Connection to Mobile phone*Y*Y*Y**Y
Connection to PCYYYY
Multi device connectivity**^Y**^Y**^Y**Y
Call answering & endYYYY
Volume / MuteYYYY
Talk timeUp to 12 HrUp to 12 HrUp to 12 HrUp to 12 Hr
Charge time1 Hr1 Hr1 Hr1 Hr
Range: typical officeUp to 55m (180 ft)Up to 55m (180 ft)Up to 55m (180 ft)Up to 55m (180 ft)
Range: line of sightUp to 180m (590 ft)Up to 180m (590 ft)Up to 180m (590 ft)Up to 180m (590 ft)

DW Pro 1

DW Pro 2

Skype for Business


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