RealPresence Trio

The conference phone reimagined for Skype for Business and Microsoft Office 365 Cloud PBX.

Polycom® RealPresence Trio™ is the conference phone reimagined. Marrying our legendary voice quality with the additional capabilities of personal content sharing and business-class videoconferencing, RealPresence Trio can be flexibly deployed anywhere, from huddle rooms to boardrooms.

Legendary Voice Quality

Experience legendary voice quality with RealPresence Trio

  • Exceptional audio delivering the full range of the human voice enabling you to hear every inflection.
  • RealPresence Trio audio mutes background noise which is not speech-related for distraction free calls.
  • Initiate calls from your mobile device and allow RealPresence Trio to be your speakerphone.

Personal Content Sharing

RealPresence Trio is the conference phone reimagined, marrying our legendary voice quality with the additional capabilities of personal content sharing

  • Share  content easily using business tools you already use every day.
  • Enhance  team collaboration inside the room, with remote participants, or both  simultaneously.
  • Easily  pair your PC or Tablet in vibrant HD resolution.
  • Effortlessly  pair your personal devices (BYOD) for easy access to what you need most.

Business-Class Video Conferencing

See your audience and experience their reactions as they happen.

  • The first and only conference phone expandable for video and content with Polycom Visual+ so you can choose to work the way that works for you!
  • Business quality videoconferencing ideal for huddle rooms and teaming environments

Flexibly Deployed

Integrates with leading voice and video platforms

  • First and only Microsoft Skype for Business Certified conference phone.
  • Supports most major SIP platforms
  • Modular design provides investment protection and future application expansion
  • Tailor the configuration to suit your business needs

RealPresence Resource Manager

Skype for Business


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